Holistic, Sustainable, and Tenacious: The Three Principles of Rising Star Edward Chang’s Coveted Investment Strategy

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With a diverse investment banking, private equity, legal, and strategy background, Edward Chang, the innovative mind behind Origin Equity Partners, has seen the deal from every angle. His hands-on approach and dedication to creating value have made him a sought-after expert in financial transactions, private equity investments, and corporate strategy.

His ability to navigate complex transactions and provide actionable insights across the entire spectrum of the business world has positioned him as a trusted advisor and partner for businesses and investors alike.

But while he may have only been known to those “in the know” within the industry, a recent listing in LA Weekly’s Prestigious 40 Under 40 has thrown him into the spotlight.

So what’s been the driving force behind his meteoric rise, and why is his name suddenly popping up on your radar?

Chang’s Journey Proves Pivotal in Incredible Success Story

Chang, an Asian-American with a Taiwanese upbringing, has become the first name on many lips in the business and finance arenas because he brings something unique to the table.

His career journey began as a corporate lawyer at a top law firm, leading him into M&A, strategy consulting, deal origination, and various other roles. In short, his background encompasses all the major professions involved in a transaction (other than accountants), including investment banking, private equity, legal, and strategy, having held leadership positions in each.

This, along with his experience on NASDAQ and NYSE, allows him to approach any investment with a much more holistic view, joining the dots like no other and providing real value beyond just capital to his investments made by the Origin Equity Partners fund he founded.

Very few, if any, investors can claim to have had such a varied background, and with notable success in each field no less. This, combined with his passion for investing in sustainable businesses, gives him a unique edge. With his trusted and experienced board of advisors there to provide operational expertise in various different industries, his firm offers valuable expertise to companies treading the path to initial public offerings (IPOs).

Despite a stellar career, it wasn’t until recently that he decided to start his own investment firm. “I came to the realization that by not only serving as a consultant or providing capital to companies through my fund clients, but also by investing in them and guiding them towards the US capital markets, I could create even greater value for these companies” he recalls.

Not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and getting hands-on with his portfolio companies, Chang believes in leading by example.

“I strongly believe that one should not ask of others what one is not willing to do oneself,” he says. “To be a good leader, one must be willing to lead from the front and have an open mind, ready to learn and self-reflect.” Chang’s philosophy emphasizes not only the importance of taking action, but also the need for humility, continual growth, and self-improvement as a leader.

By bringing this brand of tenacity not often seen in the private equity industry, he has built an enviable portfolio amassing impressive returns for both founders and investors.

Dynamic Leader Has Developed Impressive CV – Including Becoming Global Expert on Sustainable Investing

Chang’s ever-increasing list of achievements and his established credibility are two of the reasons many investors choose to partner with him. While he has already overseen impressive growth of Origin Equity Partners in a short period of time, his work as Managing Director of the New York-based Spectrum Solutions Group (TSSG) catches the eye. 

His achievements include growing TSSG’s strategy consulting division from $3 million to over $25 million with Fortune 100 clients in just three years, advising transactions totaling over $10 billion in value, achieving returns that far surpass market benchmarks for his clients, and establishing TSSG’s sustainable strategy practice where he advised the Indonesian government on topics of sustainable investments and circular economy during the 2022 G20 summit.

Here, he demonstrated to the world that focusing on sustainable investments can be profitable while still positively impacting the world.

His innovative strategies have allowed him to elevate sustainable investing to the next level through Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), which offer quicker and more accessible routes to IPOs for companies seeking to go public.

By leveraging this investment vehicle, Chang has provided growth opportunities for companies (including Asia’s inaugural multi-SPAC fund) while ensuring their sustainability goals are met, resulting in a win-win situation for all involved.

He continues to champion the ESG movement through his investments and public appearances, further inspired by his studies at Harvard, arguing that companies with sustainable principles should receive greater access to private and public capital.

In addition to his impressive track record in finance and investment, Chang is also an accomplished legal expert. As the founder and former managing partner of Claviger Law Group, a specialized firm that handles a very limited number of complex international investor-state negotiations each year, he has demonstrated his expertise in navigating intricate legal issues and negotiating high-stakes deal.

Most recently, he was named in LA Weekly’s prestigious 40 Under 40 list, showcasing this investment expert’s rapid rise. “I am honored by the inclusion in the 40 Under 40 list, which recognizes the hard work and dedication that has gone into building Origin Equity Partners and our innovative approach to various types of investments, including those with excellent sustainability credentials. This recognition motivates us to continue to strive for excellence and further improvement, as we remain committed to delivering the highest value to all stakeholders. We will continue to aim for greater heights while upholding our core values and principles.” Chang says.

Looking Toward the Future: Focus Shifts to Creating a Sustainable and Equitable Legacy

Edward Chang’s desire to create a lasting legacy is evident in his drive to innovate and improve upon traditional investment practices.

As he continues pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the industry, Chang aims to inspire the next generation of investors to approach their work with a similar passion for creating value and positively impacting the world. “I want my legacy to be one of innovation, growth, and sustainability in the investments I’ve made and the companies I’ve helped,” Chang explains. “I want to drive growth while leaving the world in a better place for my kids.”

Through his work with Origin Equity Partners and his ongoing dedication to sustainable investing, he is poised to continue making a significant impact on the financial industry and the world at large.

With his forward-thinking approach, unmatched holistic expertise, and tenacious commitment to creating value, Edward Chang is proving to be an invaluable partner for investors and businesses alike in these uncertain economic times.

Although his increasing public recognition will no longer give him the luxury of quietly “flying under the radar,” he remains undeterred in his quest to revolutionize the world of investing and value creation.

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